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Our long term project is to build up an ecological sanctuary for us and for our visitors, to share the beauty of the wild nature and be abble to offer a new approche in this fast growing modern world. 

The nature is suffering on a large scales : pollution, destruction of the ecosystems, global warming, exhaustion of the ressource. If in our small level we can propose and make anyone experience more nature friendly lifestyle then we would have succeed.

We wish to get enough finance to buy a land and create from scratch at least two Eco-cabines and several indigenous habitats inspired by various worlwide ethnicities. 


As a photographer Matthieu is planning to build nice and easy hides to observe and photograhs the wildlife without disturbance.

One of the goal is also to support and make the life easier for Issat and his reindeers, bring a technical and physical support on his daily routine.  

We are open to fundings from private if you are seduce by our project

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