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Winter holidays

From 25/01-01/05

With tundra camp you can experience Norwegian nature and culture in all seasons and in a private setting. A great experience for a familly, a couple or a group of friends, far from the beaten track and tourist clichés.

See below for details of the offers.



Chalet Chambre


The following activities are exemples, it is up to you to chat with us about your wishes and sensibilities.  


Activities & tours  

Hiking / skiing

Our walks and hikes (on skis, snowshoes etc.) can take place over a full day, a half day, or even several days with bivouac for the most motivated. This is an opportunity to discover the local nature without disturbing it too much, no humming engines and no large noisy groups.

Fjord tour & Fishing

Deep sea fishing is an experience to be tested. The Norwegian fjords are full of surprises: giant cod, halibut, sea eagle and other rare arctic birds are part of the scenery. If luck is with us it is also possible to observe porpoises and orcas. We can also just cruise around in search of wildlife and enjoy scenery if you are not into fishing :)

Northern light

It is possible to observe the aurora from September to the beginning of April. Depending on the weather, we will spend a few evenings observing the sky and this unique phenomenon.


ice fishing is an original activity typical of the arctic. Perfect for meditation or to rest after a hike. Ice fishing can also be very productive and provide us with a good meal.

Landscape tour

We leave for a day or two on a road trip to discover memorable landscapes. With the guide, you can define your personal itinerary or simply follow his advice. Fjords and beaches, mountains, tundra plateaus, waterfalls and more, we can stop where you want when you want and stay as long as you wish if you feel like it. The island of Senja for a first visit is full of splendid points of view and offer a wide diversity of the Norwegian landscapes.

Wild overnight

For the more adventurous, we suggest spending one or more nights in a mountain refuge, or in our transportable Lavvo (traditional tent). This experience is a challenge and will allow you to appreciate a total immersion in the wild nature and the harshness of winter.

Wildlife observation

Especially wildlife viewing can only be done in a very small group of people. It takes experience, patience, silence and luck too. The advantage with tundra camp is that we don't like routine, trails and crowded places, which is also why we increase our chances of seeing more animals.

Find the reindeers

the reindeer of northern Norway are the property of the Sami, a herding people who have been present in arctic for millennia. Reindeer are therefore considered semi-wild, it is possible to approach them and observe them without disturbing them. Herds are usually 15 to 30 individuals but can be much larger during occasional feeding or migration.

Craft with us

During your stay, we offfer you the possibility of making your own souvenir of the arctic. Dorthe is an expert in the making of traditional leather and silver bracelets. She will be happy to explain and help you for a few hours to make your own and unique Samis bracelet.

Fjell Rodrev 18cm.jpg



For your accomodation we will offer you various possibilities. We work with the local airBNBs which have several offers: whole or shared house, more rudimentary chalet, apartment. Your accommodation may be located near a fjord, in a rural area, near the mountain, in a small town such as finnsnes, or even very isolated in the nature. Your budget and your sensitivity will guide you in this choice. Whatever your choice we are at your disposal to drive you to do your shopping for exemple. Some choices for your accomodation can increase the total price of your stay.

Intérieur de la cabine


Food & meals


For a week at the normal price (see the price section below) we take care of meals during the activities as well as two traditional meals. We also supply all kinds of ingredients and base products / oil, sugar, rice, pasta. We find it more interesting for you to go and try local shops and do some shopping on your own.


We attach great importance to our diet in terms of calories and quality, so our menus will be balanced and most likely organic.

Filet de poisson




Price for 7-8 days (airplane ticket not included) : 


1350 € / person (minimum 3)

For couple 

3250 € / total


1200€ for kids under 13 years old

1000€ for kid under 6 years old

ALL the Tundra camp activities + accomodations + equipment + 80 % of the food + private guide / included

Contact us for more infos and special request.



Planification de paiement flexible


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