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The global health crisis of 2020 caused by the corona virus has demonstrated the limits of an unharmonious system. Mass tourism is a vector of great imbalance. It is no longer possible to travel in this way and we hope with TUNDRA CAMP to be able to offer a new vision for travelers.


TUNDRA CAMP offers totally private stays for a family, a small group of friends or even a couple. You will spend your vacation immersed in Norwegian arctic nature and culture, without being trapped in a timed program based on maximum profit. 


Respect for the locals, for the environment and for the wildlife is an essential rule for us. No dog sledding or snowmobile safaris, with us you discover nature peacefully using your own muscles :) 


If you are ready, we are waiting for you.

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Meet The Team


Dorthe Rasmussen

Canine Specialist

Sales manager & guide  

Dorthe have a strong education and professional experiences on canine behavior, mainly wolves and dogs. She has studied and practice many years on animal welfare and wild mammals training.  She has been a musher in the arctic and worked with wolves in Scandinavia, France and US. She is now training and looking after some of our social reindeers. 


Matthieu Ever

Nature Photographer

Activity manager & guide 

Matthieu is from France and has already spend more less ten years in Scandinavia. He has been wilderness guide in Finland Lapland and in Norway. Matthieu is graduated in Nature and Wildlife management and protection and has twenty years experience in outdoor photography. 

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Tundra Camp . Our Spirit 

Travel private, travel nature & travel safe

Green Sustanaible Developement

Our desire with Tundra Camp, is to step out from the mass tourism and offer to anyone  an intimate and authentic experience. With us you will get a private guiding focusing on your tempo and desires. No stress with timing or programs, if you like to extend an activity or short it up it is no problem.

We are passionate about nature, wildlife, Nordic craft and traditional way of life. We like to take time in the wilderness, enjoy the calmness of nature. This connection with natural environment can be achieve only with very small groups. From 2 to 6 people at the time can come for holidays with us.

We will avoid "tourist made activities" like dogsledding, snowmobil / ATV safari. We try to have a larger purpose on our activities : to learn about fauna/flora, local life, practice traditional crafting, and why not also help you step out of your confort zone. 

The reindeer meat is produced by local companies as Hjerttind reinkjott fra Troms, we fish ourselves or buy from local fishermen and we pick berries. For the other ingredients we try to be as ecological as we can. (not always easy to find a large variety of ecological food in north Norway).

We try to keep our prices fare, but the life in Norway is expensive. We are three people working on this project and we need to de able to invest and progress. 

We can always discuss about your budget and try to find a way to have you satisfied.  

The mainstream tourism companies have large groups and make huge profits by lowering the quality and the salary of their guides, you can be different and chose an other way for your holidays.


Hope to see you soon  !   



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The Samis

Local Reindeer Herders


The Samis are the last indigenous people of Europe, they lived in the north since thousand and thousand of years, long before the Vikings, long before the actual Scandinavian population. They had hard time during the colonisation as every tribal ethnicities in the world, but they still exist and go on with traditions and reindeer herding. Many tours you'll find about Samis are made up for tourist and sometime not even held by the Samis themselves. The people you can meet with us, make their living with herding and stay away from the mass tourism. They are not guides or tourist specialist, but they surrely like to share their experience about the mountain, and their knowledge about the reindeers. 

Winter holidays


Spring holidays

Summer holidays


Automne holidays

 for Photographers

Hiking tours


Nordic crafting

Craft with us 


Bracelet, ring, earrings

Leather creation 

If you want to discover our craft and photographs you can visit our online shop, just click on the link below :) 



We are situated near Soreissa in Troms department in the north of Norway.

Nearest Airports  : Bardufoss 50 min drive
                                Tromso 2h30 drive
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